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China International Consumer Products Expo 2021 in Hainan

On June 1, 2020, the General Plan for the Hainan Free Trade Port is officially released to the world.“Hold China International Consumer Products Expo. The import and sale of foreign exhibits during national level exhibitions will be entitled to tax exemption policy which will be formulated by relevant departments. 


The theme for the first Hainan Expo is “Hainan, a Pioneer of Opening-up in China” which is designed to build Hainan into an International Tourism and Consumption Center.


The total exhibition area is about 100000 square meters,  the exhibition is divided into two parts: Country&Region Exhibition and Industries Products Exhibition.


The Country&Region Exhibition is divided into Pavilion of Countries and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao and Pavilion of Provinces, Municipalities, Autonomous Regions of China. And will inviting some  countries to show how the consumption-related development, industry statu-s, featured products, policies to facilitate trades and investments, etc. Also inviting some re-gions show their overall image,mainly about advantaged industries of consumption, specia-lties, business environment, etc.


The Industries Products Exhibition is divide into Fashion Life, Food, Automobile,Consum-er Electronics,  Jewelry, Culture and Creation, Outdoors, Healthcare, Hospitality and Pro-fessional Services, Pet Supplie and others. Aggregating all the global consumer resources, create a trading platform for international consumer products, and drive the global con-sumption growth.



Related Products


Fashion Life:

High-end luxury goods,beauty and cosmetic products,textiles,silk,clothing,shoes,bags,w-atches, jewelry, furniture, household items,home furnishings,bedding,kitchen utensils,



Food and Health Products:

Tea,coffee,alcohol,soft drinks,sweets and snacks,chocolate,canned,convenience Food,h-alalfood dairy products,meat products,aquatic products,fruits and vegetables,health products



New energy vehicles,intelligent connected vehicle,high-end branded vehicles


Consumer Electronics

Mobile devices,smart home appliances, audio products,video and HD devices, home entertainment,video games


Culture and Creation:

Tourism souvenirs ,craft gifts,garage kit and surrounding products of cartoon and animation,toys



Gold,platinum,silver jewelry and accessories,jade inlaid jewelry,diamond,pearl,raw materials and semi-finished products of the precious stone



Yachts,recreational vehicles,tourist vehicles,model airplanes,Business jets,helicop-ters,drones,equipment for diving,surfing and other water sports,sailing,motor-boats,bicycles,motorcycles,golf,beach volleyball,tents,fishing gear,outdoor sports equipment


Pet supplies:

Pet food,pet health products,pet clothing,pet appliances


Integrated Services:

Top hotels,featured hostels,premium real estate,home decoration,household service,property management,tourism services,theme park,commercial retail,logistics and express services,study-aboard programme,legal services,financial services,medical cosmetics,fitness,high-end physical examination,medical tourism,health care services


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