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Special Booth Setup Service China International Consumer Products Expo

Special Booth Setup Service

Basic information on the special decoration of the Hainan International Consumer Products Expo

Special decoration booth design and construction


Information for exhibitors using special decoration booths:

The main aisle of the exhibition hall is only allowed to build single-story booths, and the height limit is 6 meters; the height limit regulations in other areas remain unchanged; the main aisle booth should ensure that there are 2 sides without obstructions, and it shall not cause visual obstruction to adjacent booths. Due to the load-bearing issue, the construction structure shall not exceed 1/2 of the booth depth.


Any form of contract between the exhibitors and the construction service providers (including the construction service providers recommended by the exhibitors or approved construction service providers) is a contract between the two parties, which shall be executed by both parties in accordance with the contract; if anything happens during the execution Accidents, personal accidents and business disputes shall be resolved by both parties through legal channels, and the undertaker will NOT bear any responsibility.


Verification of architectural drawings

In order to ensure the safety of the special decoration booth construction structure and avoid various possible risks, the maximum construction height of a booth is stipulated in this exhibition: 6 meters for single-story booths, 7.5 meters for double-story booths. All special decoration booths must submit relevant materials to the exhibition Official Constructors for review; double-story and single-story special decoration booths must also submit relevant materials to the Official Constructors for height and structure review. Official Constructors is responsible for the structural review of single-story booths of 4.5 meters (including 4.5 meters) single  and double-story booths, and charge drawing review fees.

CIIE Recommended Special Booth Constructors,

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At the CIIE 2020, it provided booth design and construction services for the Indian Pavilion, the national pavilions of the eight island countries of the Pacific Ocean and 44 companies, enabling the company to establish a good international brand image and building a bridge to the global trade.